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Ty Fy Studios and Vū Orlando
Announce State-of-the-Art Partnership

A groundbreaking recording studio with the potential to reshape the landscape of the arts community in Central Florida has just gone from vision to reality. Ty Fy Studios joins forces with Vū Orlando,  bringing orchestral recording to Central Florida.

With the spacial audio capabilities of Dolby ATMOS and a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console, the control room will be the well-equipped hub of the Ty Fy wing at Vū.

Illustration of the Recording Control Room

By joining forces in the 32,000 square foot Vū Orlando facility, Ty Fy will offer clients the flexibility to record everything from a single voice to an 80 piece orchestra. This partnership will enable a cohesive and efficient integrated sonic experience for projects utilizing Vū Orlando’s 155′ wide LED Volume. Ty Fy’s integration into this new space opens the door to limitless content creation capabilites all under one roof.

Illustration of the recording studio with a full orchestra.
Illustration of the recording studio with a band



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Suite 108
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