Sound recording of music, vocals and sound effects, from solo artists to large orchestras and vocal ensembles


Custom editing to alter length, speed, or to assemble individual audio components in order to create additional versions such as loops, reference audio, or final show files

Music Production

Provide production leadership and creative oversight to musical projects of any scale


Mixing recorded tracks to create the best blend possible from stereo, to surround-sound, to Dolby Atmos and special audio mixes

Voice Over

Custom recording of vocal narrations for announcements, presentations, live shows, film and video productions

Sound Design

Custom sound effects and soundscapes to create an immersive sonic experience that brings realism and excitement to your project

Audio Post Production

All stages of audio post production relating to sound produced and synchronized with moving picture and/or live shows. This process incorporates sound design, sound effects, video sweetening, Foley, ADR, sound editing and audio mixing

Venue Mixing

On-site venue mixing support to create your final, audience-facing mix, and to ensure that your project sounds just as good in the venue as it does in the studio

Music Composition

Original music composition and songwriting services, both vocal and instrumental, for live entertainment, film, gaming, television, commercial, advertising and more

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