Dan Fontana
Owner – Audio Engineer – Sound Designer – Composer

Growing up in a music loving family, Dan began his study of guitar and music theory at the age of nine. Learning the ropes of studio and live engineering in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida he worked with numerous local and national acts both on the stage and in the studio. Dan then moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail University. Graduating with honors in 1998 he was now ready to take the industry by storm. Dan began with the Walt Disney Music Department right after graduation. There he met Steve Skorija and Dan Stamper, whom he credits with helping launch his career as an audio engineer. Seeking growth, Dan took a position with Miami’s Outpost Audio, where he honed his Pro Tools skills on film, TV, and radio projects for clients such as Discovery Channel, The Miami Herald, and Univision. Soon he was off to LA to work on motion pictures. In Hollywood, as an assistant sound effects editor at SoundStorm, Dan worked on several feature films including Wild Wild West, The Thomas Crown Affair, Simpatico and The Three Kings. Moving back to Florida, Dan opened Ty Fy Studios in Orlando. Here he began building the company that would soon become a staple of Orlando’s recording industry. In 2006 Ty Fy Studios was signed to manage and engineer at the Walt Disney Music Department reuniting Dan with his friends and mentors Steve Skorija and Dan Stamper. Through the years Dan has recorded, mixed, and sound designed literally thousands of shows for the largest entertainment companies in the world and has proven his worth time and time again. An accomplished Mixer and Sound Designer, Dan has creatively collaborated with music producers to bring numerous, award winning shows to life. Shows like: Happily Ever After (Magic Kingdom), Finding Nemo the Musical (Animal Kingdom), Disney Movie Magic and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (Disney’s Hollywood Studios), The Golden Mickeys (Disney Cruise Line), Symphony In The Sky (Kalahari Resorts), Spectra (PTE Productions), Concerto de Natal (Hard Drive Productions) showcase Dan’s talent for Mixing and Sound Design and his ability to add his creativity and color to any project. These productions have entertained literally millions of people around the world. Happily Ever After alone will see an audience reaching 20 million annually.


Dan has worked in some of the most famous Studios in the world such as Abbey Road (London), Air Lyndhurst (London) Capitol Records (LA) and Budapest Scoring (Budapest) proving his ability to work in any studio environment. He has also worked alongside some of the most prominent music/audio professionals in the industry such as Tommy Vicari, Eric Schilling, Tim Pierce, Tim Williams, Chris Montan and Matt Walker. Traveling the globe for Disney and his other clients, Dan has worked in Orlando, New York, LA, Miami, London, Hong Kong, Budapest, and on cruise ships worldwide. Ty Fy has had productions mounted in Tokyo, Paris, Manila, Manaus and Shanghai. Dan Fontana’s Ty Fy Studios is truly a global company.


Dan was an essential contributor to the design and build out of the Roy E. Disney Production Center in Orlando, FL. This facility, containing four studios and two live rooms, will enable Disney to produce new music, audio, and video content for years to come.


Dan is also a talented composer having written original music for motion pictures and TV, providing his clients with creative content as well as technical production. Please see the extended credit list for more detail on Dan’s composing career.


Dan and his staff have worked on thousands of projects worldwide entertaining millions. He knows that with his years of experience, expertise, and creativity he will continue to enable every one of his clients to hear their vision.


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