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Ty Fy Studios is a full-service music and sound production company located in Orlando Florida. Founder Dan Fontana has assembled an Emmy, THEA, IAPPA, and Grammy award winning team of audio engineers, designers and composers who cater to their clients every need. With over 50 years of experience, Ty Fy has become theone stop shop for all-things music and sound. With a roster of high-profile clients such as The Walt Disney Company, ESPN and Kalahari Resorts, Ty Fy has become an industry leader.


Ty Fy Studios has produced musical and audio creative content for thousands of shows worldwide. They have the know-how and experience to create the music and or sound design that you need to elicit that coveted emotional response from your audience. From original music production and surround sound mixes, to BGM and sound design they can do it all. Ty Fy’s original music can be heard on Discovery Channel, ABC and A&E, their mixes and sound design are in every Disney Park worldwide. Ty Fy has proven time and time again that they are the go-to company.




Sound Design | Recording | Mixing | Editing | Voice Over | Audio Post Production | Venue Mixing and Recording | Music Composition | Music Production


Ty Fy engineers work at studios and venues around the world, however we spend a lot of time at the Roy E. Disney Production Center in Orlando Florida. At “The Roy E.” Ty Fy operates and manages four Pro Tools HD Studios. In this facility Ty Fy engineers produce thousands of shows for the Walt Disney Company’s theme parks, cruise ships, television shows, and resorts.

Ty Fy Studios also owns mobile Pro Tools HD rigs which allows us to mix anywhere in the world. Ty Fy also owns project studio which can handle just about any editing, mixing, and composing session.


Music is the emotional narrative of any project. Ty Fy’s team of accomplished composers can help your project reach your audience on an emotional level and help them to better connect with your vision. From simple underscores to full orchestral composition and recording Ty Fy can do it all.


See below for some of our original music composition credits:


Huttuk Cheeka, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland 
Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland 
Ma Pateesa,
Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland 
Yacola Ateema,
Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland 
Say Yes To The Dress, TLC, Composer
American Guns, Discovery Channel, Composer
Auction Hunters, Spike TV, Composer
Bad Girls Club, Oxygen TV, Composer
Bullet Points, Military Channel, Composer
Haunted Collector,  Sy Fy, Composer
Hollywood Treasure, Sy Fy, Composer
Lucky Dog, CBS, Composer
Shark City, Discovery Channel, Composer
Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin, ABC, Composer
World’s Dirtiest Man, Discovery Channel, Composer
Caligula 1400 Days of Terror, North South Productions, Composer
Robo-Dog, In The Dark Entertainment, Composer, Score Mixer

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